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Specializing exclusively in entertaining children, Christopher is the Valley's only full-time kids' magician. Kid-focused experience counts when choosing entertainment for your special occasion, and Christopher is the children's party pro, performing at hundreds of events annually (over 6000 shows and counting!) . Year after year, his show is the preferred choice for local libraries, schools, daycares, summer camps, resorts, civic groups and families who know they can count on his unmatched professionalism and guaranteed entertainment value. In an average month, Christopher performs for more children than other local "jack-of-all-trades" magicians do in an entire year.


You will never hear kids laugh like this anywhere else! From start to finish, young audiences are engaged and entertained by Christopher's silly antics, amazing magic and extensive use of audience participation. The kids will also love the chance to meet Presto the Rabbit after the show.


Birthday parties are a specialty and Christopher makes planning easy for busy parents. He offers several birthday party packages ranging from 30-60 minutes that are value-priced and can include great options like balloon animal twisting or a magic lesson with magic kit goodie bags after the show. Programs can be tailored for maximum impact for any age group 3-up. Just click on the Birthday Parties tab at left for full details, including pricing.


No other Valley magician offers a better performance for kids...guaranteed!

The crazy, wacky, fun-loving man known as Christopher the Magician!

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The Birthday Party Pro!

The Birthday Party Pro!

Hiring the best entertainment for your child's birthday party doesn't have to be tricky, but it should be magic! Christopher the Magician is the birthday party expert and offers a silly, high energy, interactive show that delivers a memorable experience for your child and guests.


Over thirty years of practical experience at more than 6000 birthday parties makes this performance a sure-fire hit at your child's party. Christopher is the only magician in the Valley specializing exclusively in entertaining kids...your guarantee that the show has been kid-tested and parent-approved in front of thousands of families.


The real stars of the show are your child and guests, through the use of hilarious, age-appropriate comedy and audience participation that make the show uniquely yours. The kids will be laughing and giggling every second. Three different birthday party packages are explained below in detail. All three are customized for your child's age group and are great for ages 3-up. Programs can also be customized for other special occasions such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, holidays, school parties, or any other event--large or small. Pricing shown below is for up to 25 party guests.

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  • One Hour Birthday Package

    with Balloon Animals                           click here

    Best for ages 3-5

    The One Hour Birthday Package with Balloon Animals provides your child and guests with at least an hour of action-packed entertainment and includes two exciting parts.


    Magic Show - An exciting 40-minute magic show designed for kids starts the hour with fun fast-paced visual children's magic, tons of audience participation, costumes, loads of involvement by the birthday child and all the guests, silly surprises, and age-appropriate comedy that keeps them laughing every moment. The kids (and adults, too!) will be amazed as Christopher's magic captivates even the most rambunctious crowd of children. No boring card tricks here! This is a show that grabs and holds their full attention for every moment. Christopher's captivating personality and years of experience are your assurance that every child will have a great time!


    Balloon Animals - The magic show is followed by 20 minutes of colorful balloon animal sculpturing with each child taking home their own adorable custom-made balloon animal souvenir.


  • One Hour Birthday Package

    with magic lesson                                   Click here

    best for ages 6-12

    The One Hour Birthday Package with Magic Lesson provides your child and guests with at least an hour of action-packed entertainment and includes two exciting parts. This program is best suited for ages 6 and up due to the skills needed for the magic lesson.


    Magic Show - An exciting 40-minute professional magic show designed for kids starts the hour with fun fast-paced visual children's magic, tons of audience participation, costumes, loads of involvement by the birthday child and all the guests, silly surprises, and age-appropriate comedy that keeps them laughing every moment. The kids (and adults, too!) will be amazed as Christopher's magic captivates even the most rambunctious crowd of children. No boring card tricks here! This is a show that grabs and holds their full attention for every moment. Christopher's captivating personality and years of experience are your assurance that every child will have a great time!


    Magic Lesson - The magic show is followed by a fun 20-minute hands-on magic lesson with each child receiving their very own magic goodie bag containing everything they need to astound family and friends with their new magical skills. These high quality goodie bags are provided to every child at no extra charge--making this program an incredible value!


  • half-hour birthday package

    Thirty Minute Magic Show                   click here

    perfect For all ages!

    The Thirty Minute Magic Show provides your child and guests with 30 minutes of action-packed fun and excitement. This package features:


    A terrific 30-minute professional magic show designed for kids, including fun fast-paced visual magic, tons of audience participation, costumes, loads of involvement by the birthday child, and age-appropriate comedy. The same quality show as above, just in a slightly shorter format. This is entertainment that will keep the kids (and adults, too!) on the edges of their seats.


    Everything is completely self-contained to make your party an easy, hassle-free experience. Considering other entertainers? Christopher offers better quality, more experience, and the Valley's best overall value. Explore the "Shopping Tips" and "FAQ" tabs for even more information on why Christopher is the best choice for your party! Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.


As an entertainer, I receive dozens of phone calls every day from Valley residents who are in search of a magician for their occasion. After 30+ years in the business, I have heard far too many horror stories about local children's party performers who have ruined someone's party and my heart sinks every time I hear another one of these stories which embarrass the true professionals like me. The experience of performing thousands of shows has brought to light some areas that I strongly recommend you consider when making your entertainment decision. I want your party to be a success, and would like to share a few thoughts with you on successfully differentiating the true professionals from those who are not.


Don't believe everything you see on the internet!

The internet has been a great innovation because it allows local consumers to easily peruse entertainment from the comfort of their homes, day and night. But, it also allows a large number of people who should not be advertising as performers to promote themselves. The proliferation of "gig sites" makes it possible for literally anyone to list themselves on the internet as a magician.  Trust me, you will underwhelmed...if they don't cancel on you at the last minute because "something came up." Another example: A Phoenix-area magician who also heavily uses paid internet search listings, and who has a slick website that reads a little too much like an informercial, has the same identical word-for-word website as over 60 other magicians around the world. (Curious? Copy a distinct phrase from a few local magicians' websites, and paste it into a Google search). If a performer is not even creative enough to write a website that describes the vocation they pursue every single day, can you imagine the low level of creativity in their show?


Don't shop on the basis of price alone.

Prices of birthday entertainers in the Valley vary widely and there is typically a direct relationship between the quality of the show and the price paid. Full-time professionals offer a performance that reflects years of experience and a large investment in props and training. You'll find that the handful of performers in the Valley who can truly be considered pros all charge about the same fee. A professional's livelihood is based on their reputation for delivering a quality show each and every time, so you can be guaranteed that every customer will receive the very best possible show. Don't just take the performer's word for it--any amateur hobbyist can label themselves a professional. Be a smart consumer and spend a few minutes asking questions to learn more about the performer's experience, reputation, and training. Surprisingly, you'll find that the small extra investment of just $25-$50 to hire a professional is the best money you can spend to ensure that your child's big day is a big success.

some shopping tips!

Deal directly with the performer, not an agency or third party website.

Many entertainment agencies and websites offer everything from magicians to moon bounces to costumed characters. This is NOT the place to hire a magician! In most cases, the employees they provide to parties are paid minimum wage in response to Craigslist ads, have little or no training in dealing with children or entertainment, and have little motivation to provide a professional level of service. Make sure you speak directly to the individual who will be coming to your party, directly via their own website. Any performer who is skilled enough to perform a quality show will definitely not be employed by an agency and will directly market their services. I take great pride in providing one service and only one service--professional magic for children. This specialization allows me to offer a consistently better performance.


Make sure the show is age-appropriate.

The majority of entertainers use the "one size fits all" approach to performing. If their website advertises "magic for all occasions" or they boast that they do corporate shows, retirement homes, etc. they are not a children's entertainer. Often they do the same exact show for a group of three year olds as they would for a group of twelve year olds (or even an adult audience--boring card tricks and all!). This is NOT what you want! Even if they offer a special children's show, would you go to a doctor that "occasionally" did heart surgery along with four other specialties? There are subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences between age groups, the performing environment, and the individuals in the audience that an experienced professional will take into account, and adjust their show accordingly to build rapport with the crowd. This is crucial to maintaining the audience's interest. Factors such as the length of the show, the types of props used, and the overall pacing of the presentation are important. As you shop around, ask the entertainers how they tailor their performance to fit the age group. If the performer uses fire or any inappropriate material in the show, they are not an appropriate choice for entertaining at a children's party. For health, safety, and insurance reasons, I also would recommend against anyone who distributes food or candy during the show.


The performer should anticipate your needs.

An experienced performer should be a resource to help you maximize the success of your child's special day. How skilled was the entertainer's description of their performance on their website or telephone? The performer's ability to anticipate your questions and deliver a complete, well-thought-out description of their background and performance is a sign of how professional you can expect their show to be. Does their website reflect the same professionalism as the show, or is it amateurish? The performer's skill in creating a visual image in advance is certainly a big reflection on the overall quality of what you will receive on the day of your party.


The bottom line is trust.

Your child has only a handful of those precious, picture-perfect years for the birthday party a loving parent has always envisioned. I'm a parent, too, and I realize the importance of a child's birthday. The savings from hiring an amateur rapidly disappears if that amateur doesn't show up, has shabby props and costuming, or embarrasses you with an underwhelming show. A professional entertainer is your assurance of a fun and memorable experience that you'll remember with pride for years to come. Fond memories are priceless!

Here's What Past Customers Say...

I can’t believe how professional Christopher was in dealing with us. He was patient in answering all our questions and made sure that even the most minor details were taken care of. He arrived exactly as promised and put on a show that was beyond my wildest expectations. It made a stressful day much easier for a busy mom!

Maria Woods, Phoenix



I have never seen anything like your show. What a terrific, fun, friendly, positive experience for the children. We so appreciate how hard you worked to make Thomas' third birthday party a success.

Chris Woods, Glendale



Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! The best birthday party ever!

Jay Lopez, Anthem



I shopped around before hiring Christopher and was really concerned about getting the most for the money. Considering all he offered, I thought his prices were very competitive. There were others that cost a little less, but Christopher offered so much more experience. That made me feel much more comfortable. In retrospect, I couldn’t have made a better choice!

Ada Balmer, Scottsdale




I’ve never seen a group of 6 year olds laugh so hard for so long! It was absolutely HILARIOUS!

Susan Burnham, Phoenix



Our son is still talking about the show--nearly three weeks after his party. We’ve already invited him back again for our other son’s birthday party.

Michael Watkins, Gilbert



We called at least a half-dozen other magicians and clowns before deciding that we wanted Christopher at our son’s party. His professionalism and experience were overwhelming compared to the others we spoke with.

Judy Wilson, Mesa



From the moment Christopher arrived at our daughter’s 8th birthday until the moment he left, all 16 children were laughing and giggling. Even before the show started, he had established rapport with the kids and they were excited about the show. All the kids got involved and he made Kristina feel like a star when she got to help during the show. At first, I was considering a moon bounce instead of a magic show but the show was so much more meaningful and memorable.

Muriel Sherman, Scottsdale



I can't believe how much the adults also enjoyed the show. You had the kids in the palm of your hand the entire sixty minutes. It was such a pleasure and joy to watch you at work.

Doris Meier, Phoenix





Just a Few of the Many Thousands of Happy Clients

Just a Few of the Many Thousands of Happy Clients

Aire Libre School

Aldea Montessori School

Alta Butler Elementary School

Alta Loma Elementary School

American Express

American Fine Art

Anthem Community Center

Apache Junction Public Library

AquaSafe Swim School

Arizona Reads

Arrowhead Towne Center

ASU West Child Development Center

Avondale Public Library


Beatitudes Age Link Child Care Center

Best Pals Preschool

Blockbuster Video

Borders Books and Music

Boulder Creek Elementary School

Boys & Girls Club-Tolleson Branch

Boys and Girls Club of Fountain Hills

Bright Beginnings School

Buckeye Public Library

Burke Basic Charter School

Cactus Preschool

Carefree Kiwanis Club

Casa de Cristo Preschool

CASY Country Day School

Chandler Christian Church

Chandler Public Library

Chandler/Gilbert YMCA

Cheyenne Elementary School

Childtime Learning Center

Christian Children's Center

Chris-Town YMCA

City Of Buckeye Parks and Recreation

City of Glendale Special Events

City of Mesa Parks and Recreation

City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation

City of Scottsdale Parks & Recreation

City of Surprise Parks and Recreation

City of Tempe

Cold Stone Creamery

Coolidge Public Library

Copper Canyon Elementary School

Copper Creek Elementary School

Copper Ridge Elementary School

Copper Sun Child Development Center

Country Club at DC Ranch

Crown Charter School

Cub Scouts

DC Ranch Community Council

Desert Canyon Elementary School

Desert Cove Elementary School

Desert Dawn Private School

Desert Devils Gymnastics

Desert Foothills Library

Desert Mountain Properties

Desert Ridge Marketplace

Desert Springs Christian Preschool

Desert Springs Community Church

Desert Trails Elementary

Desert Valley Family Medicine

Desert Vista Elementary School

Desert Willow Elementary School

Disabled American Veterans

Discover Card

Discover Church

Dobson Academy

Dobson Montessori School

Dove Valley Ranch HOA

Downs Syndrome Network of Arizona

Eagle Ridge Elementary School

East Valley Jewish Community Center

El Dorado Private School

El Mirage Branch Library

Eli Lilly



Some frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions

How does your program differ from other magicians?

There are many local entertainers to choose from, but few that are full-time professionals, and even fewer that specialize only in entertaining for children. All I do is entertain for children exclusively. A magician that advertises "magic for all occasions" is unlikely to have the skills and program to keep a group of children at full attention for the duration of their show. Being a successful children's entertainer requires a range of specialized skills and experience which can only be gained through the experience of thousands of performances for kids. I perform at more children's events in a typical month than most magicians do in an entire year. I encourage you to look at the "Shopping Tips" tab at left for important insights on what to look for when shopping around.


How much space is needed to set up the show? Indoors or outdoors?

Indoors is generally the most preferred set-up location, as it allows for a more controlled environment, and subsequently, a better performance and more focused audience. My performance and equipment have been designed to be adaptable to a variety of performing situations. I realize every setting is different, and it is my goal to provide minimum disruption in performing at your residence or other venue. Generally, an area about 6' x 6' is ideal with an area in front of that for audience seating. Nothing in the show is messy, can spill, or involves fire which could damage your home. I can perform outdoors, in your backyard, park, or other area, weather permitting. Due to our warm Arizona climate, outdoor performances are generally not possible May-September.


Can you really keep the kids entertained for the whole time?

Yes, this is what I do for a living, and that's why you want to hire an experienced pro. I know exactly how to maintain control of the audience, keep their attention, and make sure they are entertained the entire time. After thousands of shows I know exactly what works and have the skills and experience to keep any group of kids--no matter what the age group or how excited they are--entertained and amazed.


What needs to be provided for the show?

I arrive completely self-contained. I bring all the tables and other equipment necessary for the show. No electricity is required, unless special arrangements have been made for lighting or sound equipment.

Christopher is also the owner of Showtime Magic Products, a leading manufacturer of props for entertainers worldwide

How long will it take to set up and pack up?

Generally, I arrive at your party about ten minutes prior to the scheduled showtime for set up of the show and equipment. At the conclusion of the show, it takes about ten minutes to pack up.


How is payment handled? Is it okay to pay by check? Credit Cards? Is a deposit required?

You may pay by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express), whichever you prefer. No advance deposit is required. Payment in full is made the day of the performance.


Are there any party favors included?

There are party favors included with some of the program options. If you have chosen the One Hour Party with Magic Lesson, each child will receive a mini-magic kit containing a magic wand and 3-4 other assorted tricks, in an imprinted bag with a magic instruction booklet. If you have chosen the One Hour Party with Balloon Animals, each child will receive a balloon animal of their choice. If you have chosen the Half Hour Package, no party favors are provided.


Is tipping necessary?

Tipping is at your discretion if you feel that you received value above and beyond your expectations. I guarantee the same level of quality and professionalism regardless.


Is there a money back guarantee?

I am proud to offer a full money back guarantee. I guarantee that you'll be 100% pleased with the program, or you won't pay a cent. In over 30 years of performing, I have never had a dissatisfied customer, and will work hard to make sure you are not the first.


May we videotape and/or take photos?

Yes, of course! There are plenty of great photo and video opportunities during the show. Many priceless memories can be captured.


What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your performance up to two weeks before the performance date with no penalty. If the show is cancelled with less than two weeks' notice, you will be responsible for payment of the fee in full, although this may be applied to a future party. Please note that any risk of bad weather for outdoor events is borne entirely by the client, and that cancellations due to bad weather are still subject to the full fee. If you are planning an outdoor party, an alternate indoor location is highly recommended.


How long should the party be? When should the show be?

On average, most birthdays I attend are scheduled for 2-3 hours. This allows for enough time to watch the show, sing Happy Birthday, open presents and perhaps play a quick game or two. I suggest that you allow 20-30 minutes margin at the beginning of the party for late arrivals. For example, if your party begins at 3:00 PM, I would recommend scheduling the show for 3:30 PM in order to allow for late guests to not miss the beginning of the performance.

Estrella Mountain Ranch

Events With Taste

First Baptist Children's Center

Fletcher Heights Elementary School

Foothills Elementary School

Fort McDowell Day Care Center

Four Peaks Elementary School

Four Seasons Resort at Troon North

Friendship Academy

Ft. McDowell Parks and Recreation

Ft. McDowell Yavapai Nation Rec Center

Gan Yeladeem Learning Center

Gateway Chevrolet

Getz School

Gila Bend Branch Library

Glendale Elementary School District #40

Glendale Public Library

Gold Dust Elementary School

Grayhawk Elementary School

Har Zion Early Childhood Center

Highland Grove Homeowners' Association

Higley Unified School District

Horizon Community Learning Center

Horizon Park

Hubbard Family Sports Camp

Ideal Destinations

Imagine Schools at West Gilbert


Information Network Corporation

Isaac School District No. 5

Joy Christian School

Junior League of Phoenix

JW Marriott Resort at Desert Ridge

Kearny Public Library

Keller Williams Arizona Realty

Kindercare Learning Centers

Kiwanis Park Recreation Center

Kyrene de la Colina Elementary School

Kyrene de la Paloma Elementary School

Kyrene de Los Ninos Elementary School

Kyrene del Cielo Elementary School

Kyrene Elementary School District

Kyrene Kids Club/Kyrene School

Kyrene Monte Vista Elementary School

Kyrene School District No. 28

La Glorietta Homeowners Association

La Petite Academy

Land Advisors Organization

Las Brisas Elementary School

Lasko Tours

Leadership Network Corporation

Legend Springs Elementary School

Lifetime Fitness

Litchfield Park Public Library

Little Gym, The

Little Western Academy

Madison Heights School

Maricopa County Library

Mariposa Gardens Funeral Care

Marriott's Camelback Inn

Maxwell Preschool Academy

Mayo Clinic

McCray Elementary School PTO

McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Center

Mesa Country Club

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Mill Avenue Preschool

Mirage Elementary School

Mission Montessori Schools

MOMs Club of Scottsdale West

Montessori Day School, The

Montessori Education Center

Mountain Shadows Coyote Club

Mountain View Park

Multi Systems






Paiute Neighborhood Center

Paradise Valley Mall

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Paradise Valley Schools

Park Meadows Elementary School

Pediatric Surgeons of Phoenix

Peoria Public Library

Peoria Unified School District #11

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Phoenix Country Day School

Phoenix Medical Group

Phoenix Optimist Club

Phoenix Public Library

Pinnacle Peak Elementary School

Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

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Presidential Kosher Holidays

Pueblo Elementary School PTA

Raising Arizona Kids Magazine

Ramada Express

Rancho Solano School

Realty Executives


Record Reporter, The

Recreation Centers of Sun City

Red Mountain Multigenerational Center

Resurrection Preschool


Sanborn Dads' Club

SanTan Montessori School

Scottsdale Boys & Girls Club

Scottsdale Hilton Resort

Scottsdale Public Library

Scottsdale Unified School District #48

Sequoya Elementary School

Simis Elementary School


South Hills Church

St. Benedict's Catholic Church

Stars Prep Academy

Stepping Stones Preschool

Sun Health/Boswell Memorial Hospital

Sun Health/Del Webb Memorial Hospital

Sunnyslope Community Center

Sunrise Elementary School Lions Den

Sunset Ridge Kids Club

Superstition Springs Center

Tavan Elementary School

Tempe Public Library

Temple Kol Ami Preschool

Town of Gilbert

Treehouse Club, Inc.

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Triplet Connection

Troon Golf and Country Club

Tutor Time Learning Centers

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Valley of the Sun Jewish Comm. Center

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Walker Butte PTO

Wee Ones Village

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Wild Oats

Wilson Elementary School

Yavapai School


YMCA Child Development Center

Young Israel Preschool

Zuni Elementary School








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